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Lawyer (Risk Management Specialist)

Место работы:Москва
Номер вакансии:46492
Информация о работодателе:

Крупный международный холдинг

Задачи, обязанности:

Participation in the project aiming (1) to improve contracts registration procedure in frame of the valid Guideline for Contracts Circulation Procedure, (2) to harmonize with existing rules and propose amendments if required; (3) to propose power of attorneys issuing and authorization process throughout company.
Applications’ assessment for approval of commercial transactions: risks identification and analysis, implementation risk management and legal practices, development applicable mitigation tools and proactive preventive measures to minimize or avoid the negative events and losses.
Provide consultations to business departments about corporate rules and policies, its applicability and internal procedures.
Regular monitoring of compliance to any rules and regulations, legislation environment at any region where company has activity and other applicable to each particular case.
Preparation of analytic materials, reports, presentations for internal aims of the group and company management, as well as participation in seminars and conferences;
Participation in projects and other events hold by risk management and legal team at any stage of development.
Preparation of memorandums and initial drafts of legal documents. Examination of documents for legal sufficiency.
Negotiations and drafting documentation for various company transactions.
Assistance in the preparation of cases for litigation, reviewing complex documents relating to transactions in which the company is to participate.
Preparation of legal advice to either commercial and administrative matters, assistance in development of company rules and corporate procedures.


Education in Administrative Law and Financial Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, Civil Law
Highly proficient in spoken and written English
Area of professional interests: Economics, International relations, Finance, Mathematics
3-4 years of professional experience.

Условия и компенсации:

Office near Biblioteka imeni Lenina metro station
Corporate mobile phone
Medical insurance after trial period, immediate life insurance
Annual bonus.

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